"HANDLE BUCKET TOTE" Drifter 2023FW New Arrivals Review #2

"HANDLE BUCKET TOTE" Drifter 2023FW New Arrivals Review #2


Size: ~ W32 x H30 x D18cm (16L), ~ W12.6 x H11.8 x L7.1 in. (4.2 gal)
Weight: 280g, 9.88 oz.

Price: $75.00

This is an impressive 8-liter drawstring-style 2-way shoulder handbag with straps extending from the bottom. The handle is slightly longer for a comfortable grip, and the straps on the grip portion are folded in two, making it easy to hold and convenient for carrying on the arm.

Inside, in addition to a large snap-button open pocket that also serves as a divider, there are two open pockets perfect for sorting small items. It has enough storage capacity for daily use.

Of course, we also recommend using it as a shoulder bag. The gusset is 13 cm in thickness compared to the size of the body, so it fits the body with little bulge when used as a shoulder bag.

The back of the main body is also equipped with an open pocket convenient for storing smartphones and other small items. The bag is drawstring style, so you can easily take your phone in and out with one hand without untying the main booth.

The bottom surface, which is subject to heavy loads, is made of Cordura nylon, which is resistant to slipping and tearing. It can be used with confidence and ease. It also serves as an accent in terms of appearance.

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