"FIELD SACK" Drifter 2024SS New Arrivals Review #8

"FIELD SACK" Drifter 2024SS New Arrivals Review #8


Size: ~ W32 x H44.5 x D15 cm (21.4L), ~ W12.6 x H17.5 x L5.9 in. (5.7gal)
Weight: 420g, ~ 14.8 oz.
color: BLACK, TAN

Price: $90.00

A flap-type backpack that has been rebuilt from a previous model, and the size has been adjusted to give it a more modern look. Equipped with a zip pocket on the flap and open pockets on the left and right sides that can used to store folding umbrellas, plastic bottles, water bottles, etc. In addition, there is an "easy access zipper" on the right side that allows you to access the main compartment without opening the flap, allowing you to put in and take out the contents without having to take off the bag. The interior is equipped with a sleeve pocket for a PC and a zip pocket. This unisex bag is an excellent balance of ease of use, functionality, and appearance.

A renewed model that upgrades the past model to a modern version. While retaining the functionality of the previous model, the capacity has been expanded to 20 liters to take advantage of the flap-style bag with a wide frontage for easy loading and unloading. The main compartment is accessed by removing the two harnesses on the front of the bag and opening and closing the drawcord on the main frontage.

The inner lining includes a sleeve pocket for a PC and a zipped pocket. Shock interference padding on the bottom as well as the back of the bag makes it easier for the bag to stand on its own, in addition to protecting your belongings, and improves operation and visibility when stowed away.

An "easy-access zipper" on the right side allows access to the main compartment without opening the flap. You can take frequently used items in and out without lowering the bag.

In addition to the two side open pockets, there is a large zip pocket on the flap. Since many small items can be stored in the outer pockets, it is easy to imagine the sorting of luggage and is comfortable to use.

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