"PACK CARRIER" Drifter 2024SS New Arrivals Review #5

"PACK CARRIER" Drifter 2024SS New Arrivals Review #5


Size:  ~ W36 x H23 x D11 cm (9.1L), ~ W14.2 x H9.1 x L4.3 in. (2.4gal)
Weight: 220g, ~ 7.76 oz.
color: BLACK,  TAN

Price: $55.00

This is a renewed model that upgrades a past model to a modern version. The old model's functions have been optimized and reconstructed with a focus on practicality, and we have aimed for a universal design that is easy for anyone to adopt, with a clean shape and slightly rounded bottom edges.

In summer, you can carry overnight luggage in one of these bags. As a sightseeing bag, it can also hold drinks, a large hand towel, and a small tripod for a digital camera at the same time. There are also two open pockets inside, so you can easily sort out charging cables and other items.

There is also a snap pocket on the back for storage. This one is open, so it is suitable for storing more frequently accessed luggage.

 The shoulder strap is 38 mm, which is the widest in the Drifter line. The shoulder strap is 38 mm wide, which distributes the load to the shoulder well, allowing for long hours of use with peace of mind.

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