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Product Specifications

Material: 420 Denier Pack Cloth Nylon, 600 Denier Polyester (print pattern model only)

Size: ~ W32.5 x H11.5 x D6cm (2L), ~ W12.8 x H4.5 x L2.4 in. (0.5 gal)

Weight: 160g, 5.6 oz.

Made in Vietnam

A minor change that redesigns the so-called waist pouch type "WAIST PACK" that has gained so much support from the community. The front pocket is eliminated, and the compartment is simply one air chamber. The compact appearance makes it easier to incorporate into your outfit. This minimal shoulder bag that fits a wide range of ages, genders, and styles is a must-have item.


Pleasenotethatthe actual color may differ slightly depending on the environment you are viewing, such as your PC monitor or smartphone model. Material is subject to change without notice.

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