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Product Specifications

Material: 70 Denier Ripstop Nylon

Size: ~ W28 x H54 x D16cm (22L), ~ W11 x H21.3 x L6.3 in. (5.81 gal)

Weight: 270g, ~ 9.5 oz.

Made in Vietnam

From the parachute series that combines robustness and lightness, a new type, the FIRMAMENT PACK, that can be used in two ways, a tote bag and a backpack, is born! Based on the previous lineup of SKY PACK, it has been updated to specifications that are more suitable for modern lifestyles. The biggest feature is that the main body can be folded into the inner pocket, which is also a specification common to the Parachute series and can be miniaturized into a palm-sized pouch! In addition, the pockets on both sides are scrunched so it is easy to store water bottles, plastic bottles, folding umbrellas, etc. It has a high storage capacity, so you can put it in a suitcase when traveling or on a business trip, so you can rest assured even if your luggage increases. It is also useful as a mother’s bag, and the handle strap for tote can be hung on the handle hook of the stroller.


Pleasenotethatthe actual color may differ slightly depending on the environment you are viewing, such as your PC monitor or smartphone model. Material is subject to change without notice.

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