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Product Specifications

Material: Nylon

Size: [Strap length] ~ 155cm (longest) / ~ 114cm (shortest), [Strap length] ~ 61 in. (longest) / ~ 45 in. (shortest)

Weight : 40g, 1.4 oz.

Made in Vietnam

It is a convenient item that you would not want to leave behind as it also prevents your smartphone from being lost or dropped when you don’t have pockets. Most of the general smartphone straps are round cords, but this item uses webbing tape just like the bag straps, making it solid and sturdy so it won't put a burden on your shoulders. For simple styling, it can be used as an accessory for fashion accents, and can be used for business occasions such as suits and office casuals. Not only is it compatible with all types of smartphones, but also allows access to the charging port at the bottom center. In addition to smartphones, you can use it for multiple purposes, such as attaching mini pouches, key charms, card cases, etc. The length can be adjusted, and the strap can be easily attached and detached, so you can use it according to the occasion.

*PINK and NEON GREEN phone case mounting stays come with the transparent type shown in the image. For BLACK, the black type shown in the image is included. 


Pleasenotethatthe actual color may differ slightly depending on the environment you are viewing, such as your PC monitor or smartphone model. Material is subject to change without notice.

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