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Product Specifications

Material: Soft Cow Leather (Tochigi leather)

Size: ~ W19 x H10 x D1cm (0.19 L), ~ W7.6 x H4 x L0.4 in. (0.05 gal)

Weight: ~ 150g, ~ 5.3 oz.

Made in Japan

A domestic to Japan, this brand was created in 2016 with a commitment to MADE IN JAPAN, a long wallet of Arcel leather products. In recent years, many brands have moved their production bases overseas, but all processes such as leather selection, cutting, sewing, polishing, and bonding are all done in one workshop by a single craftsman, creating a rare and valuable gem. While many brands outsource part of the process from a cost standpoint, even if they claim to be MADE IN JAPAN, putting the soul into the product and consistently creating one product itself is a very important value. Leather products have a very delicate work process that Japanese people are originally good at, but only the best craftsmen in Japan can handle the wonderful polishing treatment of the edge. Although the interior is defined by its simplicity, the versatility of the wallet is endless as it could hold bills, cards, and even coins. Once you realize the beauty of the product, you will fall in love with it as the tanned leather ages.

★Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd., a leather manufacturer founded in 1937, headquartered in Tochigi Prefecture. Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd. specializes in vegetable tanning and the leather is said to be of the highest quality in Japan. Tochigi leather, which is supple and robust, has changed with taste over the years but is appreciated not only in Japan but also around the world.


Pleasenotethatthe actual color may differ slightly depending on the environment you are viewing, such as your PC monitor or smartphone model. Material is subject to change without notice.

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