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Product Specifications

Material: 420 Denier Pack Cloth Nylon, polyester (print pattern model only)

Size: ~ W37 x D37 cm (6L), ~ W14.6 x L14.6 in. (1.6gal)

Weight: 110g, ~ 3.88 oz.

Made in Vietnam

A simple pouch-type bag that takes on a cute walnut-like shape when stuffed, and only comes with a handle long enough to be carried over the shoulder. It can be folded flat when no luggage is in it, so you can put it in your main bag and use it as a sub-bag when traveling or shopping. In addition, its catchy appearance can be used as an accent to your coordination, making it a style that stands out from ordinary bags.


Pleasenotethatthe actual color may differ slightly depending on the environment you are viewing, such as your PC monitor or smartphone model. Material is subject to change without notice.

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